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If I can't provide a service for you, I probably know someone who can. Contact me, and I can give you names of other people who work for writers, like marketers for instance. And if you cannot afford my prices, contact me. As I mention in the About Page, Red's Writing Hood is not my career, not my livelihood. I make money writing books. This boutique is my passion to give to other writers.  

Whether you're brand new to writing or someone who's been wordsmithing for years, you're welcome here! We help with services such as consulting, coaching, formatting, cover designs, media designs, proofing, critiquing, editing, brainstorming, or just getting your groove back so you can write the story of your dreams. Specializing in the romance genre--especially marginalized romances like LGBT+ & diverse romances, cross-genre novels, memoirs, and non-fiction too. 

A Small yet Full-Scale, Truly Affordable Boutique for all Writers