‚ÄčCoaching & Consulting

Sometimes we need someone to talk to about our stories, about our plot, about a character who won't do as you tell him to...the list goes on and on. And I'm here for all of it!

For new writers, there's so much to discuss. What's a good hook? Is my grammar up to snuff? Can I really finish writing a book?

And when you're done with that first book then comes the worry about the flow, if the plot works, if the characters are relatable and realistic, and if the book is publishable or not. You can talk to me about all of your worries. We'll go over strategies to finish that first book, and how to write that second and third and more. We'll talk about the basics of writing your novel or non-fiction. We can email daily, except the weekends, for as low as $20 per week. Want to talk on the phone too? That can be as low as $30 per week, depending on where you live in our beautiful world. 

For the writers who have written your fair share of books but feel lost in this new world of publishing, where traditional publishers are asking you to write faster and faster. Or not asking anything from you. If you're self-published, you have many of the same pressures, if not more so, because those pressures are coming from your boss, you, and you're much harder on yourself than an editor.

Whether you want to talk about your books, your career, or how tired you are, I'm here. I've been in a dark hole regarding my own writing and career, and I'll share everything I can about how I got out and saw the light of day again. Like the new writer, we can email almost daily, except weekends, for $20 per week. And we can chat on the phone for as low as $30 per week, depending on where you live. Contact me, and let's get you writing again, but more importantly writing with the love you used to have when you put your fingers to your keyboard.