Sorry to plug my own books!

Book Trailers

I'm also very picky about making trailers and it can become time-consuming and/or expensive. However, thanks to technology like gifs, I can make a relatively short trailer for not much money, like around  $50. 

Want a gif? $40 is the standard price to make one for you, where you can display it on Facebook or your website. For larger gifs with many different images, the prices will vary. 

That's where I come in. I can make a copy of your ebook cover look like a print version for as low as $5. Add some text, for $1 more. Making memes is something I enjoy doing and my prices for Facebook memes/eposters are usually around $15 or less. 

Want a Facebook banner? Want something different that I haven't described above? Just chat with me about what you need, and we'll get a game plan for making your dreams come true. 


I am extremely picky about covers, so that means some will be pricy to make. Some can be rather cheap, less than $25. It really depends on what you want, your taste, and how much time I spend making it. Prices can vary from $50 - $120 for an ebook cover. Making a print cover for Createspace is only adding $40 more. 

Media Designs

Have you seen those cool graphics by other authors on Facebook and Twitter and other social media and wanted something similar for your books? But Canvas, which is awesome, just doesn't do enough for what you want?